Laundry Soap

Kellie’s “Homemade” Laundry Soap

Because of my daughters skin issues we have had to make some environmental changes in our home. One of those changes was our laundry soap. I have been asked for my recipe so here it is:

Kellie’s “Homemade” Laundry Soap Recipe:
6 cups Borax
6 cups Super Washing Soda (do not use baking soda)
1 Fels Naptha Heavy Duty Laundry Soap Bar
2-3 bars Ivory
I use a cheese grater to grate up the Ivory and the bar of Fels Naptha. Mix everything together. This will fill a plastic gallon ice cream tub. I measure out 2 heaping tbsp per load. I also use vinegar for my fabric softener.

Remember, this is what works for our family. Make any adjustments for your family as needed!

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