About Us

Who is Homegrown and Happiness™? house

A small Urban Backyard Farm in the downtown area of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are working hard to grow as much food on our small 3750 sq ft lot as we possibly can. Food to can, preserve, eat, share and sell. We are constantly working on new projects to increase our growing space and increase our food sources. We currently have a flock of chickens, have meat chickens on the way soon and will be hopefully adding bee’s to our little peace of Heaven on Earth. Join us and share in our journey.


What is our Mission?

To create a self sufficient (GMO free) Urban Backyard Farm to feed our family, make a little money and bless those around us with good, organically grown food. (our chickens are truly organically raised as well) We also desire to educate others on how they can live a similar life and provide REAL FOOD for their families. We are beginning a big journey this year to teach and educate all we can on our methods and process. We work in conjunction with a growing (no pun intended) community of Urban Backyard Farmers in the Colorado Springs Area.


*SIDE NOTE: Though our name may lead you to think we grow pot, we don’t… nor will we entertain comments or discussions on the subject! If that’s your thing…fine. It’s not ours. We are here about growing large amounts of food in small spaces. PEACE!!!!