Ginger, Lemon and Honey Tea

Friends have been asking for the tea recipe that I made Tracy while he was sick. Here it is! 

1) Ginger (fresh)
2) Lemon juice (I used a fresh squeezed lemon)
3) Honey
That’s it!


Why ginger, lemon and honey?

Well, you probably know that lemon is high in Vitamin C. It is also full of phytochemicals. These are plant constituents that help boost the immune system and much more.

Here’s what you do: (you may need to experiment with amounts to get the taste that suits you)

Fill up your teakettle and get it boiling.
Meanwhile, grate a one-inch piece of fresh ginger root.
I used my air pot.
Put the ginger in the air pot.
Put a dash of lemon juice in the air pot. A dash is about 4 tablespoons. Actually, it’s less of a dash and more of a small splash. 🙂
Add a dash of honey as well. A dash in this case is about three tablespoons. Basically, add the honey to taste.
When your water is boiled, pour it in the air pot.
Cover it up and let it sit for 20 minutes.
Strain into a tea cup and enjoy!


If you lack a air pot, you can also just simmer the water in an open pan with the ginger for 15 -20 minutes as well. Add the lemon and honey to the pot AFTER you are finished simmering ginger. Just strain it into your cup. When you want more, just heat it back up. I just like the air pot because when your sick it’s hard enough just to get up let alone heat something up.

You can vary the amounts as well. Play around so you get a flavor you really like. It tastes great!

Have a blessed day everyone, stay warm and if your in the Colorado Springs area enjoy the snow! ~Kellie

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