The Chicken Coop Move

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As part of our yearly garden plan (we are always changing things) we decided to move our chicken coop to a new location better suit for “the girls”. The Hen house had been against the back side/corner of our south facing house and sat in the shade a large percentage of the time. This is not a good thing for a hen house and run because the girls need sunlight to lay eggs. It was for that reason we built a “play yard” for them to enjoy sunnier days in and around our 100 year old Lilac bush. It is nicely fenced off with rod iron fence and fits well into the back yard, but you have to move them across the yard every time and then put them back at night. So, a change was needed.

We started looking at a space the has been used as a dog run for many years. You see, we have always had LARGE DOGS and a didn’t want them pooping all over the yard. So years ago, I built a fenced in run and taught all our dogs to use that area to go the bathroom in. Today, all but one of our large dogs has gone to the big yard in the sky and the remain dogs now use a new place in our yard. That left the old 6 x 12 x 5 ft run empty and perfect for the girls.

So, last week I took a few days off from work and prepared the dog run. Digging out the rock and replacing it with dirt for the girls to dig around in. Some great friends came over and gave me a hand to move the house. It was a piece of cake! Now we are ready to decorate a bit more and ready for the annual Take A Peek Coop Tour. We will be one of the stops this year on the tour! It will be a blast. But most important… “The girls are now ecstatic! Here come the eggs!!”


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