I’m Back!

Good morning!

I am so sorry I have been away for so long. It has been so hard keeping up with everything. You can find us on Facebook. I seem to do a much better job with keeping up there than here, LOL.

What’s been happening?? Lots with us. But here is the latest scoop. I have 9 baby chicks right now to replace my 2 year old layers. This time I purchased 2 barred rocks, 2 Jersey giants, 2 Buff Orphingtons, 2 Wellsummers, and 2 Americaunas but I did lose one. It was very sad. I have had 4 rounds of baby chicks and lost my first one. I also have 30 Freedom rangers (meat birds) showing up on Thursday. My house will be very busy over the next month.

The bees we were babysitting died this last month. I feel like the babysitter who should never babysit again, LOL. We loved having the bees so much that we have ordered our very own bees (arriving April 25th) and will be picking up our new hive in a few weeks. After watching the video on how to hive our bees I kinda freaked out and got ahold of our bee friend, Dan Purvis to see if he could come over and help us. I believe this job will be for my husband, LOL.

Greenhouse is planted! We have peas, spinach, lettuce and Swiss chard. I have other things to get planted here soon but you never know with Colorado weather what will be coming. I also had 5 trays of cool season starts but only 2 trays sprouted. BUMMER! We will be getting warm season starts going here in the next couple weeks.

My intern is returning! She must of thought she could handle me another season. She did tell me this last summer that I have the craziest things happen. Maybe she is coming back just to be apart of the continuing adventures, LOL.

Classes: I have been asked about teaching backyard gardening classes again this year. If you have an interest PLEASE¬†shoot me an email. I’m not sure what everyone is looking for and I don’t want any class to feel like a waste of time.

One last thing: I am wanting to do a campaign this year for growing in buckets. I am trying to come up with a fun name. My goal is to get people to grow something this year. Just one thing but to grow it! If you have any ideas shoot me an email. If we use your idea I will send you a gift!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I look forward to another exciting grow season minus the hail!


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