1979630_225973674260251_1702390683_nThese are our girls. The scary part…they all have names and know when Kellie calls out to them. She spoils them rotten and gives them treats just about every day. We all think she is a bit crazy, but those chickens pay us back with lots of eggs! I guess it’s working.

This is our second flock of laying hens. We started out this adventure with 5 Silver Laced Wyandotte hens who we raised from chicks. It was that first 5 that taught us how to care for chickens and how well those eggs taste over store bought eggs. SO GOOD and SO YELLOW! We now have 9 new hens and are ready for our first heavy laying season from them.  We started with 10 chicks for this flock, but one turned out to be a rooster and had to go to our friends farm in the country. He has his own flock of ladies and he is very happy!

Chickens are something we will always have because they bring so many benefits to 964348_143094372548182_2052515209_oour Homestead. We feed them ONLY organic feed and their eggs are are far and above more nutritious than store bought eggs because of this. It’s a little more expensive to do it this way, but worth every penny!


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