*Homegrown and Happiness is once again looking for a new Backyard Homestead Intern, to help with all that goes on in our growing year and learning all along the way. Below you will find a description of the position and a link to our application.

Homegrown and Happiness Internship Program – Description

Anyone who wants to learn about Urban/Organic farming.

Gardening- seed starting, soil preparation, composting, planting, watering, natural plant feed, natural pesticides, harvesting.

Growing and caring for herbs.

Chicken care- feed, water, coop cleaning, composting.

Chicken care for meat birds- feed, water, coop cleaning. (Meat birds are only with us for about 10 weeks in the spring and 10 weeks in the fall).

Bee Keeping

Rain water collecting- why we need to do this.

Record Keeping- this includes dates things were started (either by seed or plant), what thrives what dies, types of plant food used, types of natural pesticides used, tracking diseases, weather changes and weights of produce harvested.

Attending special events when possible: ex: Assist with teaching backyard classes, Chicken Coop Tour, etc.

*A day at the Dodson house- Spring is very busy with planting (March- May), weeding, chicken care, etc. Fall,  Aug.-Sept is also very busy with harvesting, cleaning out beds, planting cool season crops and winterizing the chicken coop but an emergency may arise and I may have to leave and there still will be a work load.  On a day that an emergency may arise there will be a checklist for you that day on what needs to be accomplished.

CLICK HERE: Homegrown and Happiness Internship Program Description and Application

 Thank you for your interest in interning at a Homegrown and Happiness!

Tracy and Kellie Dodson

 * Please do not apply if you have no desire to grow things naturally/organically. Also this is not a paid position. We don’t want you wasting your time or ours.

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