As we make our way around this life we have chosen, we run into some great resources for growing, cooking, healing, etc You know, all the things an Urban Backyard Homestead would need to function and thrive. If YOU have resource we need to list, drop us a note on our Contact Form

Local Farms

A Joyful Noise Farm craig and kellieWhen we first got chickens, we went on a quest to find 100% organic chicken feed. Most products are pellitized and not what we wanted. A chance meeting with an0ther backyard chicken person lead us to Craig and Kellie McHugh at A Joyful Noise Farm. Amazing people with tons of knowledge and great products! They grow local and beyond organic. They have a buying club and deliver to Colorado Springs weekly. Pay online and pickup on Saturdays!
– Organic Chicken Feed  .  Raw Goats Milk Shares  .  Organic Eggs  .  Organic Produce (even in winter)  .  Organically Raised Meats (goat, pig, chicken)  .  Classes on multiple subjects (we teach there sometimes)


Mark Campbell Ceramics 1891080_754248814593380_2126687001_nAs an active part of the fermenting community, I often find cool products and ideas to pass of to others. That happened recently with a guy making fermenting crocks and other stoneware. Mark’s designs are incredibly beautiful and very affordable (especially if you have ever priced fermenting crocks). Mark makes them to order with your choice of colors and design options. The food fermenting crocks even come with with weights! Pretty cool. I have not bought one YET, but they look to be a very worthy investment!
– Ceramic Fermenting Crocks w/weights  .  Ceramic Kombucha Crocks with spigots  . Various other bowls, cups, dishes and peices