Meet The Family

We have a wonderful and growing family here at Homegrown and Happiness™. Everybody has an important part to play in the goals we have for our backyard oasis.

KelKellie… the driving force behind all that we do! My name is Kellie Dodson and I am  homemaker living in Colorado Springs, CO.  I live a blessed life of raising children and taking care of my family. I have home-schooled my two wonderful children for the past 18 years and have learned much in the process. I have also found the Lords leading to make sure my family eats healthy.  To do so, I have invested in my knowledge of foods and cooking to better serve this end. We grow our own vegetables, drink goats milk and I grind my own wheat. I also currently play momma to a small flock of various breed laying hens, who provide us with farm fresh eggs on a daily basis.

tracy garden
Tracy… the happy farmhand and designer!

Hello, my name is Tracy and I am married to that beautiful lady who does all the gardening. Growing up on a rural Iowa farm, my family had a 2+ acre garden and a root cellar. We grew, weeded, harvested and canned all the food we could. As a young person,  I thought I had gotten my fill of gardening. But after finding out our daughter had several health conditions effected by poor foods, my heart was brought back to that little Iowa farm. Along with my wonderful wife, we began the process of converting our little piece of Colorado Springs into a growing machine. My main job around here is “builder and designer”. Kellie comes up with a need/idea and I do the work of making it possible. It has been a blast! I can’t wait for summer to come around again each year! ALSO.. I am also the chief fermenter at Homegrown and Happiness™.
I specialize in probiotic beverages and fermented foods.

jess2Jessika… THE INTERN At the beginning of growing season, Jessika became our new “Backyard Intern”! Jess is an amazing young lady who started with limited knowledge of gardening, but had an huge desire to learn how to grow real food. She is at Kellie’s side through all the planting and has been an invaluable part of “Homegrown and Happiness” this year.

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